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Top 5 food blogs to follow

We are all guilty of clicking pictures of our food plates for our Instagram page. The love of food is universal, with no age limit. Instagram has formed a community that indulges their passion for food.

Here are five of the bloggers you can’t miss. These stories are a feast for the eyes and will make your stomach growl. You will find an array of mouthwatering recipes to improve your cooking skills.

Natasha Diddee @thegutlessfoodie
Natasha Diddee is a home chef who has no stomach. Yes, you read that right. She lost her stomach to tumors, but that didn’t overcome her passion for simple, homemade cooking. Cooking delicious Indian food and capturing it isn’t all she can do, she has a good sense of humor too!

Tasty @buzzfeedtasty

Photo credit: buzzfeedtasty

They have bite-sized videos and recipes that range from various cuisines that you are sure to want to try. Juicy burgers, creamy pastas and chewy pancakes, they have it all.

Asna Faruqui @myhappychaotickitchen

Photo credit: myhappychaotickitchen

Asna is Pakistani and the mother of two children. His blog is entirely devoted to Pakistani cuisine. She loves baking. It recreates dishes inspired by desi and international dishes too. His page is a visual journey of his culinary experience

Faatimah @themuslimgirlbakes

Photo credit: thismuslimgirlbakes

Bringing you traditional Pakistani dishes and also its unique version of dishes from other parts of the world, both sweet and savory.

Hema Subramanian @homecookingshow

Photo credit: homecookingshow

While the Instagram handle isn’t eye-catching, the recipes are simple and delicious, adding to your everyday cooking.

Good food !