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Top 10 Food Blogs in Austin: Top 10 Food Blogs in Austin – Food

Hilah Johnson from Hilah Cooking (Photo by John Anderson)

It takes a lot of talent, dedication, ability, and stamina to blog successfully, especially since, the vast majority of the time, it’s a labor of love (read: work for free). Nonetheless, Austin has over 100 active food blogs covering all aspects of our collective culinary life. Here are the ones that I found most remarkable in 2012.
(Note: I have considered all members of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, as well as any non-member blogs that have caught my eye in any way. If you have a food blog and you you are not a member of the alliance, email me and I will be sure to think about your blog next time.)

1) Love and Lemons ( While all of these blogs are wonderful and demonstrate all of the three main attributes of a great blog (regular posting, personality, and useful information), what puts Love and Lemons # 1 is how beautifully it is designed – both a source of great information and a joy to watch.

2) Hilah cooks (www.hilahcooking.comThis internet cooking show produced by Hilah Johnson and Christopher Sharpe is slowly making its way to the top of the heap. Started with a handheld camera in 2010, it’s now pretty darn smooth, hilarious, and awesome. Special kudos for tackling some really interesting topics like butterfly meat.

3) Local flavor ( Elizabeth Van Huffel, “food geek”, created this site to promote a lifestyle of 80-90% locally grown foods and has thus become one of the most notable (and prolific) bloggers of the city. This blog has garnered national recognition for years and is one of the best of the best.

4) Exit west of Austin
( “South Austin is cool, and East Austin can be cool, but it’s about time we the fans showed some love for West Austin!” is the motto, and it is more than fulfilled. WOW Austin covers Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, and Spicewood (as well as the rest of West Austin) as an adrenaline-addicted 1940s reporter.

5) Bitch beer ( A blog dedicated to pushing sexism out of “beer culture” with articles written by the 20% of serious beer drinkers who are women. As often happens, these over-performing women end up creating a blog that is more witty, more complete, and more engaging than those who came before them.

6) Edible Aria ( I was happy to see that my old Austin Food Blog # 1 (Jan 1, 2010) is still in the game, although it no longer posts daily. But to counter this, Edible Aria has broadened its reach, now addressing food policy, food activism, cookware and other topics, as well as the initial mission of sharing “Recipes for Healthy and Interesting Eating with. a reasonable budget “.

7) Austin Urban Gardens ( Austin Urban Gardens covers a lot more ground than the name suggests; while there are indeed articles on building and operating urban gardens, there are also articles on about twenty other food related topics like what to do with what you grow, local chefs , cookbooks, farmer’s markets, local food businesses, and, honestly, just about anything an Austin foodie is interested in. Happy reading and very professional.

8) Ginny’s Austin ( Ginny’s Austin describes herself as “one girl on everything that goes on around Austin”, but I would say “a very energetic girls extremely complete take on whatever is happening around Austin. Covering not only food, but also music and events, it’s a great resource for what’s happening in the city.

9) an avenue ( Beer blogs are really all the rage this year! An Avenue is an ongoing discussion of “beer culture” from the perspective of looking at a beer a day – a great resource for fans of breweries, small breweries, and even large breweries.

10) greedy vegetarian mom
(www.gourmetveggiemama.comIt was a tough choice between that and Aneelee, as both cater to the world of vegetarian moms who go out of their way to whip up rewarding foods that ankle biters will eat. I ended up choosing GVM, due to its greater completeness and absolute ton of recipes. A wonderful and fun resource to read.

Honorable mentions: Aneelee ( and Sarah eats Austin (