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The best senior health blogs of 2020

There are simply more things to think about and possible concerns about your health to deal with as you get older.

And it’s more important than ever in 2020 to find support and reliable sources to help keep you safe and healthy.

This is exactly what our 12 “Best Seniors Health Blogs of 2020” are helping you do.

These blogs sift through what seem like endless health news and updates that can help you lead a happier, healthier life.


Drs. Thelma Reese and Barbara Fleisher of ElderChicks have individual histories and quite rich careers in education and nonprofit organizations. In their blog, you’ll read everything from managing your health during the COVID-19 pandemic to understanding events like the protests around the murder of George Floyd.

Senior Planet

Senior Planet is more than a blog. It’s a non-profit organization with both physical locations across the country and online resources that help you do anything from exercise and socializing to solving technological challenges. Senior Planet can help you spot fake news, learn how cloud storage works, get critical updates on COVID-19, and take online fitness classes.

Senior Nomads

Debbie and Michael Campbell of Seattle did what many people would call the opposite of retirement in July 2013 when they rented their home and hit the road to live a mobile life. The couple have since traveled to over 300 cities in 85 countries and wrote a blog and two books the entire time. Their message? Wanderlust doesn’t have to end when you retire. Indeed, traveling – and discovering new things and connecting with new people all over the world – can be very good for your health!

Time passes

Time Goes By is Ronni Bennett’s personal blog. She has been dubbed the “Mother Superior of Elder Blogging”. And Bennett’s blog is completely honest about what it’s like to grow old. Bennett’s decades in the media industry have given him an eye for detail. Her clear voice reminds us that aging is not always easy. And talking about it can be healing in itself.

This rocking chair

You probably haven’t spent most of your life wanting to age. But Ashton Applewhite from This Chair Rocks blog thinks you should. Her first book about successful women after divorce put her in hot water with famous conservative figure Phyllis Schlafly. Applewhite is now rising to the challenge of speaking out against discriminatory treatment of the elderly with its perfect blend of satire and statement.

Joan Price’s Sex Blog

The company does a good job of making you believe that sex is over when you are a senior. Joan Price disagrees. And she has the evidence and the advice to help you understand her position on why sex can get even better as you age. Price brings decades of expertise and personal experience to his blog. Her inspiration came from her own relationship with Robert Rice, 64. Their marriage showed her just how ‘hot’ senior sex can be.

The life of a baby boomer woman after 50

Judy Freedman is known as JudiBoomergirl in the “blogosphere”. She wants to make life after 50 ‘cool’ with reviews and wellness tips on her popular blog. Her message of self-esteem and self-acceptance in old age aligns with her own self-proclaimed philosophy of “aging gracefully and keeping my chin up so my neck will stay wrinkle-free forever.”

Fiery side of 50

Mary Eileen Williams is nothing if she is not accomplished. She has a Masters Degree in Career Development and a long list of television appearances on major networks. His Boomer Life blog (accompanied by a radio show and podcast) is filled with stories on everything from retirement to survival challenges for seniors from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Change aging

Changing aging is more than just blogging. It’s an entire platform dedicated to “embracing old age” with a huge library of resources to help you feel like you know what you’re doing as you get older. The founders, Dr Bill Thomas and Kavan Peterson, have helped companies make services more accessible to seniors. Thomas is particularly notable for creating the radical positive philosophy around aging known as the Eden Alternative.

Senior style bible

Senior Style Bible is the project of former model and makeup artist Dorrie Jacobson, who moved to Los Angeles at almost 80 to launch her lifestyle brand for women over 60. Dorrie lives for fashion. She says that “my heart always skips a beat when I spy on something that I adore”. And her passion is not only for fashion, but also for allowing older women to wear their beauty “with an air of confidence”, even if the world says otherwise.

Diverse Seniors Coalition

Diverse Elders is a coalition of organizations that aims to represent the diverse aging population in the United States through changing policies and programs to meet the needs of all seniors, regardless of their origin. Diverse Elders seeks to openly discuss how the lives of older people can look very different due to the diversity of race and ethnicity as well as gender and sexual orientation. Their blog offers advice on what we can all do to make sure all older people can expect equal treatment at any age.

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