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Bankrupt celebrity businesses, from Kardashian Kard to Au Fudge

I’m sorry, but there’s something very funny about having a celebrity side absolutely die in the ass. I don’t feel bad about bankrupt celebrity businesses because they’re busy and famous anyway, so it’s not like they’re going to have a hard time getting food on the table. Eat the rich, baby! I recently came across […]

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Company Spotlight: Fastly – Magazine Articles

What is your business doing and what is your USP? Fastly helps great businesses do great things online. Chances are, you use Fastly’s technology on a daily basis. If you read the Guardian, BuzzFeed, or The New York Times, listen to Spotify, shop online at Boots, Reiss, and La Redoute, order on Deliveroo, book a […]

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Expat foodies: The best Turkish food blogs

No it can be said that one of the advantages of being in Turkey is its diverse cuisine. Many expats in Turkey have tried to conquer the country’s cuisine in their kitchens. However, a number of them have embraced Turkish cuisine with a passion, which can be seen in their own cuisine inspired by the […]

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Kindle Singles, genre between magazine articles and books

The Kindle Single is not a promising name. It sounds like a new kind of pre-made log, or some kind of person you might meet on the eHarmony dating service – maybe a lonely independent bookstore owner bankrupted by Here is what Kindle Singles are in fact: probably the best reason to buy an […]

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The best food blogs to check out now

SmittenKitchen, SeriousEats and MattBites are just three food blogs that have helped democratize food. Food blogs are a lot like food. There are some like fast food, served quickly with empty calories. There are others that look like comfort food – all hot, fuzzy, and satisfying. And then there are others that allow you to […]

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Top 20 blogs on organic, sustainable and tasty foods

The Green Plate is always scouring the web to see what’s going on in the world of organic, sustainable, fair and tasty food. From recipes to food and agriculture policy, there are dozens of great sites that I depend on for my daily feed of information. So here is Green Plate’s list of the best […]

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The 100 Best Magazine Articles of All Time: A Collaborative List Goes On [UPDATED]

Kevin Kelly just posted suggestions for the 100 Best Long Magazine Articles Ever Written (in English). Here are the top five so far (the ones that have been suggested the most): ****** David Foster Wallace, “Federer as a religious experience. ”The New York Times, Play Magazine, August 20, 2006. ***** David Foster Wallace, “Consider the […]