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Where can I get a payday loan?

Image source: Getty Images Before visiting your local payday lender, consider the alternatives. If you’re looking for a small loan, you might be tempted to use a payday lender. After all, they make it look so simple: walk in, provide some basic information, and walk away with the money you need. Payday loan companies never […]

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The best senior health blogs of 2020

There are simply more things to think about and possible concerns about your health to deal with as you get older. And it’s more important than ever in 2020 to find support and reliable sources to help keep you safe and healthy. This is exactly what our 12 “Best Seniors Health Blogs of 2020” are […]

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Customer Insights Play Major Role in Subscription Box Growth – Magazine Articles

From razors and recipe kits to stationery and personal care, the subscription box phenomenon continues to thrive. Its success is due to its focus on the customer experience and the use of technologies that allow it to capitalize on the evolution of consumer behavior. In the UK, Royal Mail estimates that the subscription box industry […]

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Co-op: Autonomous delivery – Magazine articles

Convenience retailer Co-op has made more than 15,000 deliveries to customers using autonomous robots from Starship Technologies since a trial began in April 2018. (The robots themselves have been tested in 100 cities different across the world by a number of retailers, including Domino’s Pizza, with the robots meeting 12 million people along the way.) […]

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The best men’s health blogs

Men are often reluctant to seek help with health matters, according to the age-old stereotype. And whether that long-standing typography is true or not, blogs promote metrics for men’s health that are must-read if you’re determined to achieve your ultimate health and fitness goals. Share on PinterestMen’s health blogs can be a useful source of […]

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Lifestyles of homosexuals and the hungry: three fabulous food blogs

Ryan Sullivan and Nicholas Catania, who are the originators of the local lifestyle blog Never Have I Ever.Jenn Thai / That Jenn Girl Many people, as is the case with this CL intern, turn to food bloggers for daily inspiration on what to cook and where to eat. A recipe or review catches your eye […]

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Escape Artist Q&A: Mark Wiens from Migrationology and Eating Thai Food Blogs

This “Escape Artist” section is a series In regards to people who escaped. Most importantly, this bimonthly column is for those who plan to trade their 9-to-5 lives with their legs hampered at the desk, to forge their own path. The outliers featured in this collection of interviews are the digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, and […]

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Discussion, criticism and advice: content analysis of health blogs.

My PhD focused primarily on research blogs from (RB), a blog post aggregator covering peer-reviewed research. In this article we (Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan, Prof. Mike Thelwall and myself) describe the study of blogger motivations using a content analysis approach. That is to say that we read 10% of the RB “Health” category between 2010-2012, […]