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The best senior health blogs of 2020

There are simply more things to think about and possible concerns about your health to deal with as you get older. And it’s more important than ever in 2020 to find support and reliable sources to help keep you safe and healthy. This is exactly what our 12 “Best Seniors Health Blogs of 2020” are […]

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These are our most popular food blogs of 2019

Photo by Father Wichman – 15 – Astoria’s favorite Greek spot just opened a location in Port Chester You will shout “Opa” for the souvlaki, spanakopita and seafood. By Father Wichman Photo courtesy of Three Little Pigs BBQ – 14 – 7 places to get tender, slow smoky barbecue in Westchester It’s a place for […]

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Customer Insights Play Major Role in Subscription Box Growth – Magazine Articles

From razors and recipe kits to stationery and personal care, the subscription box phenomenon continues to thrive. Its success is due to its focus on the customer experience and the use of technologies that allow it to capitalize on the evolution of consumer behavior. In the UK, Royal Mail estimates that the subscription box industry […]

Food blogs

Top 5 food blogs to follow

We are all guilty of clicking pictures of our food plates for our Instagram page. The love of food is universal, with no age limit. Instagram has formed a community that indulges their passion for food. Here are five of the bloggers you can’t miss. These stories are a feast for the eyes and will […]

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InternetRetailing Expo – InternetRetailing Magazine May 2019 – Magazine articles

On April 3-4, retailers and suppliers to the e-commerce and omnichannel industry gathered at the NEC for the annual InternetRetailing Expo. During the two days, 300 exhibitors and 100 speakers shared their knowledge and exchanged on the exhibition floor and during the conference sessions. Among the exhibitors was Lil Packaging, which presented its range of […]

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Co-op: Autonomous delivery – Magazine articles

Convenience retailer Co-op has made more than 15,000 deliveries to customers using autonomous robots from Starship Technologies since a trial began in April 2018. (The robots themselves have been tested in 100 cities different across the world by a number of retailers, including Domino’s Pizza, with the robots meeting 12 million people along the way.) […]

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Spotlight on the company: zoovu – Magazine articles

What is your business doing? zoovu provides SaaS technology that enables retailers and brands to offer automated yet user-friendly customer support across all digital channels. It removes barriers to conversion as it helps consumers make informed and confident purchasing decisions. With the rise of digital selling and the ability to deliver products and services at […]

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Company Spotlight: Fastly – Magazine Articles

What is your business doing and what is your USP? Fastly helps great businesses do great things online. Chances are, you use Fastly’s technology on a daily basis. If you read the Guardian, BuzzFeed, or The New York Times, listen to Spotify, shop online at Boots, Reiss, and La Redoute, order on Deliveroo, book a […]

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Delivery Matters – Magazine Articles

The UK click and collect market is expected to grow 45.8% over the next five years to reach £ 9.8 billion by 2023, but growth will slow as the execution method matures and that the services offered by retailers will be optimized, according to analysis company GlobalData. The latest report from the company “Click & […]

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The final straw: Greening the retail supply chain – Magazine articles

ARE CONSUMERS? Consumers increasingly think about environmental factors when shopping for food and groceries, but being green has less of an impact when shopping for clothing. More than 70% of consumers say they consider the environmental impacts of their choice of retailers and food and beverage products, according to a survey by GlobalData. This figure […]