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Nine Men’s Lifestyle Blogs You’ll Get Addicted To

With new men’s blogs popping up every week, it can be difficult to decide which ones to follow. We’ve scoured a sea of ​​posts to bring you the best for summer 2017.

If you are a modern day man and want to draw the line between style and sophistication, you will almost certainly be intrigued to see it all. Joshwa saint james has to offer. On her trendy blog, aimed at teens and men in their twenties, you can keep up with the fashion pulse and stay on top of your grooming game, with its insightful features on the latest in the world of male beauty. Joshwa has gathered over 10,000 people on Instagram alone, a fantastic comeback for someone so new to the online blogging community.

As the name suggests, Yorkshire Gentlemen is renowned for its more traditional take on fashion, fitness and all things fun. Offering the latest and greatest of new brands in the men’s market, along with eye-catching imagery to its readers, it’s safe to say that this dapper northern escapist truly encompasses everything a budding blogger should admire.

Designed to enrich real gentlemen and raise its bathroom standards, the sleek and insightful blog of Mr. Wharff offers the latest scoop in the world of men’s skincare, grooming and perfume. Delivering a cauldron of beautifully balanced content, full of tips, reviews, and new collection previews, few do it better. Male beauty’s plate tectonics are changing faster than ever before and it’s guys like Mr. Wharff who are creating such seismic shifts and allowing modern men to show their best faces.

Created in 2012, Everyday man covers a wide variety of men’s interests and lifestyles, including style trends, music, cars and technology. John Robertson, editor of the blog, has delicately put together a mass of informative articles, not only to provide in-depth and honest thoughts on the products, but to give his readers a much-desired escape. The coverage of the event and the amazing images of The Everyday Man, for example, make their readers feel like they’re actually there and provide real inspiration to go out and see all the world has to offer.

Presentation Off The Cuff LDN (London), a premium style, fashion and lifestyle blog for men based in the capital. Focusing on a unique blend of British heritage and modern minimalism, this blog covers all of essential men’s lifestyle standards and firmly puts traditional British fashion back on the map. Whether you need to beef up your wardrobe, upgrade your eyewear, or just looking to preview the latest collections in the industry, Off The Cuff LDN’s passion for fashion will have you hooked.

If you need the ultimate in catering, there are few better places than the Jay Wicks Blog to get you back in the game. Jay brings new vitality to content creation and provides his readers with unique and exciting reviews and informative articles on everything from style and men’s health and men’s grooming to travel, food and drink. If you want to explore a new line of skincare, look for potential destinations for your next weekend getaway – or maybe you’re on the hunt for a new timepiece, but you need to advice ? Jay is the man with a plan!

Providing an electric cocktail of content on a regular basis, including places to visit, alcohol mixes, and men’s skin care tips, The demanding man works tirelessly to prove to each of its readers that the finer things in life are within their reach. Giving an overview of the latest and greatest in fitness diets, bars and bites as well, this full-fledged man’s blog has come up with an explosive recipe for success in recent years.

From royal wrist outfits to timely clothing, Grand Rue Ghent strikes a chord with fashion-conscious men keen to conquer formal and casual looks. Written by self-proclaimed fashion junkie himself Dan Sinnott, this men’s fashion and lifestyle blog truly takes you on an unforgettable and eye-opening journey to showcasing the best version of yourself every day.

Dapper Chapper’s goal is to “see every man have the confidence to explore his own style” and if you are already a regular visitor to their blog, you will undoubtedly begin to realize your true potential. Created by Adam Tanous, who now oversees a team of expert contributors, the blog has truly become a war chest of fashion, grooming, and lifestyle publications, truly fit for all modern-day gentlemen. From car and restaurant reviews to comprehensive style tips, you will definitely leave The Dapper Chapper blog richer and more sophisticated than when you arrived.