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GMFH again selected as one of the top gut health blogs by Healthline

Gut Microbiota for Health’s editorial team views gut health as the driver of overall health. Our team is closely following science on the interactions between the gut microbiota and nutrition, which shows the important daily influences of food on the gut.

Since prevalence of digestive disorders worldwide remains high, the general public is looking for information on this topic and the internet is full of information on how to improve gut health.

The GMFH Editorial Team is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive yearGMFH has been selected as one of the 17 Best Gut Health Blogs of 2017 by Healthline! We are proud that our efforts have paid off, maintaining our status as a trusted source of factual information on topics related to gut microbiota, probiotics, prebiotics, nutrition and health.

Healthline is a consumer health information website, overseen by a team of medical reviewers, with over 65 million monthly readers.

The GMFH editorial team is proud to continue to bring you high quality, up-to-date gut health information. Thanks for reading and taking good care of your gut!

GMFH Editorial Team

GMFH Editorial Team