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Gay and Hungry Lifestyles: Three Fabulous Food Blogs

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Jenn Thai / That Girl Jenn

Ryan Sullivan and Nicholas Catania, who are behind the local lifestyle blog Never Have I Ever.

Many people, as is the case with this CL intern, turn to food bloggers for daily inspiration on what to cook and where to eat. A recipe or review catches your eye and the immediate hunger strikes. However, the world of food blogging isn’t all about pretty pictures or restaurant recommendations. Yes, there are bloggers who do just that. But some are eexpand beyond food to a variety of issues.

Click to enlarge Dan Hanley and Mike Nelson of Gay Vegans.  - Courtesy of The Gay Vegans

Courtesy of The Gay Vegans

Dan Hanley and Mike Nelson of Gay Vegans.

gay vegans

Take Dan Hanley from gay vegans. In addition to writing about veganism and her adventures with her husband Mike as a gay, vegan married couple living in suburban Los Angeles, Hanley tackles topics such as human and animal rights, activism and building bridges between communities.

He says he thinks food choices are a barrier for omnivores going vegan, which is why he’ll cover food in his blog from time to time. To help those considering a vegan lifestyle, it busts the myths surrounding what vegan cooking is – and what vegans eat.

“Being vegan for me has completely changed the way I look at food,” Hanley said, “and I think the variety of food choices that are part of a vegan life is endless.”

Click to enlarge Nik Sharma of A Brown Table.  -Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma of A Brown Table.

A brown table

It’s not often you find newspaper columnists moonlighting as food bloggers. Based in Oakland, CA Nik Sharma works double time on his blog, A brown tableand Sunday column of the same name for the San Francisco Chronicle. Both are based on recipes.

“My recipes are inspired by my experience as an immigrant and draw inspiration from my childhood in India and America,” Sharma said.

He tells CL that he got into food writing because it gave him the opportunity to connect with people as a gay immigrant. Writing has also helped him develop his cuisine. According to Sharma, he noticed over time that his style was adapting and acclimating to his new surroundings in the United States. How can moving to another country change someone’s approach to cooking, right?

I have never

Locally, the the guys behind I have never, Nicholas Catania and Ryan Sullivan focus on trying new things for their lifestyle blog; they appreciate the unique experiences around Tampa and everywhere else they travel, after all. Mmarried in March, the duo say finding LGBTQ-friendly places is important to them because they want to frequent places that are welcoming to everyone.

Being a young gay couple also gives them a unique perspective. They have gone from showcasing Bay Area reviews, events and adventures on NHIE to sharing their daily and global life experiences, including their marriage and numerous music festivals. But, you know, since they love food, their audiences know to expect stories about their frequent food escapades.

“We hope that by sharing our stories and adventures, we can encourage our subscribers to get out and try new experiences while inspiring them to take pride in what makes them unique,” Sullivan and Catania said.