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The Internet age has ushered in so many wonderful things, especially when it comes to media. Like we have people hosting news on so many social platforms, we also have so many people promoting what they love to do – and that brings food to their table. One of the angles to consider in Nigeria is Food Blogging. What do you think of the idea of ​​Food Blogging? We ask: Food Blogging – who doesn’t know how to cook? What is so special about food blogs? These questions no longer seem relevant in our time today, as we have a lot of people cooking up sumptuous recipes and delicacies. Here is a look at some of them.

1. Dooney’s kitchen: Owned by Dunni Obata, Dooney’s Kitchen is often considered one of Nigeria’s top food blogs. Dunni, on his blog, teaches how to cook indigenous Nigerian dishes, innovative African specialties or even intercontinental dishes. She also offers fitness and nutrition advice.

2. 9jafoodie: 9ja Foodie is a good place to visit for soups and delicious stews. The Food Blog will also teach you healthy and simple alternatives to regular ingredients. Owned and managed by Ronke Edoho, 9jafoodie offers Nigerian cooking recipes, health and cooking tips.


3. Afrolems: Afrolems not only focuses on Nigerian recipes, but also African delicacies and culinary tips. You also have the opportunity to chat with other expert cooks in Africa. Food delivery services are also offered at Afrolems.

4. My Beautiful Don Full: With crisp images and easy-to-understand Nigerian recipe videos. My Belle don full is one of the most popular food photography and video blogs in Nigeria.

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5. All Nigerian recipes: This blog focuses more on Nigerian recipes of all kinds. Recipes such as snack recipes, breakfast recipes, calabar specialties, etc. Owned by Flo Madueke who works in the oil exploration industry but takes the time to share delicacies with her esteemed audience.

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6. Dobby’s signature: Owned by Debby Okonkwo, on this culinary blog, you will discover sumptuous colorful recipes. You will find day to day Nigerian recipes and pictures with some infusions from other parts of the world. The blog also features a lifestyle section known as Street foodie waka where “Dobby” explores dining outside his kitchen walls. This includes food adventures, product reviews, events, restaurant reviews, and many more.


7. Nigerian Culinary Television: This blog is rich in Nigerian specialties and how to prepare them. It also gives tips on how to prepare snacks and small chops. The blog also has an app for its visitors and also takes the time to produce cooking videos. It is owned by Nky Lily Lete, microbiologist, food blogger and vlogger.

8. Kauna kitchen: Kauna Kitchen is owned by Culinary Blogger and Consulting Psychologist Uneku Haruna. His blog offers personal chef and catering services for African and intercontinental dishes in Nigeria and Canada. Kauna Kitchen receives messages from readers and guests for anyone interested in showcasing or sharing their recipes or food knowledge.


9. Nigerian Lazy Leader – Nma Okpara, owner of Nigerian Lazy Chef, finds it so easy to mix up all kinds of recipes. His Food blog is driven by passion, knowledge and taste with his vision to share and bring our rich African culture to all who use the culinary arts. In just over a year after the blog was created, it was recognized by CNN, Ventures Africa and many more. The blog is really rich in modern day delicacies.

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10. Kitchen butterfly: Kitchen Butterfly uniquely mixes and presents different Nigerian dishes – and takes the viewer to different destinations where these recipes are prepared. Blogger Ozoz is passionate about food as a whole – cooking it, eating it, dreaming it, writing it and photographing it. She prides herself on a ‘Traveler, by plate ‘, using eating habits – social, cultural and economic practices relating to the production and consumption of food to explore the world for ‘Feating is more than eating ‘

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