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Gena Hamshaw, Washington, DC
Philosophy of healthy eating: Healthy, plant-based foods can be delicious, satisfying, and fun to prepare. Although I am a passionate vegan, I support and celebrate everyone’s food choices, as long as they are thoughtful and sincere. As a nutritionist and blogger, my ultimate goal is to help people love, celebrate, and make peace with the food on their plates.
Tip n ° 1 for healthy cooking: Just start! Some of the best dishes any home cook can enjoy are the simplest.

The biggest failure in the kitchen: I made a raw cream of broccoli soup which was terrible! I love sour food, but I went too far and ended up with something so sour and salty that it was practically inedible.
What sets my blog apart: While it’s incredibly health-focused, my blog is also moderate, sane, and reasonable. Many vegan and raw food resources are strict in their approach, advocating an all-or-nothing philosophy or espousing drastic cleanses, fasts, or elimination diets. I don’t give up my morning cup of coffee, I don’t skimp on indulgences, and I don’t believe in any kind of food extremism. I believe in an evidence-based approach to the science of nutrition and a gentle, open-minded and party approach to eating.
Five foods that I always have on hand: Kale, avocados, bananas, medjool dates and tahini
Kitchen idols: Deborah Madison and Mollie Katzen. Their food is so fresh, so simple, and so versatile.
A Cookbook Every Woman Should Have: Vegetarian cuisine for everyone by Deborah Madison. It’s a classic: clear, simple and full of vegetable recipes that will appeal to everyone.
Favorite recipe: Vegan vegan blackberry and coconut ice cream with five ingredients

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