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The 5 best Mediterranean food blogs to follow right now

When we think of a diet, we think of a strict diet. The plan generally limits us to consuming small amounts of a particular selection of foods so that we can lose weight. Mindful and balanced eating involves eating the right amount of nourishing foods from a range of different food groups. This is where […]

Food blogs

Just the recipe: services hide life stories and food blog popups

The world of freelance food blogs frequently asks us to go through thousand word preambles. When looking for recipes that match our preferences and food sensitivities, we don’t need to know your unique treat for Asian greens or the trip to Tuscany that changed your culinary philosophy forever. Sometimes artistic photos in progress scattered throughout […]

Food blogs

5 best and best internet food blogs to follow

Cooking is a very important life skill to have. There is no shortage of delicious and interesting recipes, and the Internet is a great place to find them. Food blogs are increasingly popular for those interested in cooking and looking for inspiration for their own dishes. These 5 food blogs are the best on the […]

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Bankrupt celebrity businesses, from Kardashian Kard to Au Fudge

I’m sorry, but there’s something very funny about having a celebrity side absolutely die in the ass. I don’t feel bad about bankrupt celebrity businesses because they’re busy and famous anyway, so it’s not like they’re going to have a hard time getting food on the table. Eat the rich, baby! I recently came across […]

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Amazon Now Allows Indians To Read Magazine Articles In Its Shopping App – TechCrunch

Amazon, in its ever-growing desire to be a super app in India, is testing a new category to persuade users to spend more time on the shopping service: feature articles. The American e-commerce giant has quietly launched “Featured Articles”On its shopping app and website in India which features feature articles, commentary and analysis on a […]

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6 of the best men’s health blogs of 2021

Image source: It’s for men: tracking your health and well-being is no longer optional. Unfortunately, our health is at the mercy of the drug makers. When you’re sick, you run to the hospital for medical recommendations and prescriptions. This means that it is not easy to keep track of your health, especially nowadays when […]

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8 Regional Indian Food Blogs By Moms You Must Follow For Kid-Friendly Recipe Ideas

Experts believe that one of the best ways to develop your child’s taste buds is to feed them a wide variety of foods right from the start. Today, baby food is no longer limited to fruit pulp and cereal porridge and has become Instagram-friendly platters that are as colorful as they are healthy. These food […]

Food blogs

New tool helps food blogs label their recipes on carbon

4 Min reading A new online tool has been created for blogs and food websites to add carbon labels to their recipes. In partnership with WP Recipe Maker, a recipe plugin for WordPress web publishing software, My Emissions automatically calculates the carbon footprint of recipes using its ingredients and can even make more accurate estimates […]

Food blogs

8 mouth-watering food blogs, tried and tested by a Chattanooga foodie

Being stuck at home has turned even the most phobic of us into home cooks. And those of us who have enjoyed cooking for a long time have been ready to try new recipes and techniques during the coronavirus pandemic. If, like me, you’ve found yourself experimenting with recipes that you might not have found […]

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GMFH one of the best gut health blogs of 2020 according to Healthline

Healthline recently selected GMFH as one of the Top 9 Gut Health Blogs of 2020, in recognition of our position as a trusted source of factual information on topics related to the gut microbiota, probiotics and prebiotics, and nutrition. and health. The gut microbiota has been a trending topic for several years. Discoveries and debates […]