Food blogs

8 weird and fantastic food blogs

1. Edible flowers at Taste

It turns out that there is a parcel of edible flowers. They don’t always taste great, or even taste great, but you can eat them. Most importantly, you can use them to make even simple foods look amazingly beautiful. Taste contains multiple pages of flower food that while they may not appeal to your taste palette, are sure to delight your color palette.

2. Edible insects Girl meets Bug

Insects, worms, and all manner of creepy critters are a legitimate source of food in other parts of the world. And not just the regions suffering from famines. The blog Girl meets Bug is devoted to the exploration of edible insects. It gives us all a chance to see the reality of stroller treats like Scaramal apples, without having to be in the same room with them.

3. Weird candy concoctions at Gurus candy

Have you ever tried Persian Fairy Silk? How about Sri Racha candy canes? Oh! Tell me you had the chance to taste the prickly pear cactus jelly candy from Cheri’s Desert Harvest! No? Then you need to read the Gurus candy Blog. Because these guys are determined to taste all the candy on Earth and write some fun reviews afterwards. Note: This Persian fairy silk … not so great. Apparently, they consider “rose” to be a sweet flavor in Persia.

4. Food as an art to Lee samantha

Artist Samantha Lee is working on a special medium for what was once a very limited audience. What started as a way to get his young daughter to eat has grown into an internet sensation. With a canvas plate and kid-friendly food for painting, Lee creates incredibly sweet and tasty breakfasts. And makes me a little resentful of all the soggy tuna sandwiches I had to eat as a kid.

5. Garbage as food for Eat in the garbage

Restaurants and grocery stores often throw food away for finding even the smallest flaw. This practice spawned “freeganism,” in which people dive in dumpsters in search of dinner. Some do it to protest food waste in the western world, some do it for the sake of going back to our hunter / gatherer roots, and some do it because they are just plain poor. The blog Eat in the garbage tells of the year of a man inside the dumpster, and everything he found foul and fantastic buried inside.

6. Jell-O as art to The mistress of the jelly mold

People have been doing horrible things with Jell-O for 100 years. Its versatility has been abused with seafood and cottage cheese, mayonnaise, and basically anything you can pull out of the forgotten corners of your fridge. This is why the Jell-O Mold Mistress blog is so beautiful. The mistress creates enticing works of art with her Jell-O, many of which are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

7. Really lousy food at Someone ate this

We all have Something we love to eat that turns off our friends and family. (I think raisins, cashews, and hot dogs make a great hot trail mix. Then toss it with the freshness of cottage cheese… oh yeah). Someone ate this is here to celebrate these differences with a gallery of the crude and confusing. And if it starts to occur to you that those weasel cones don’t look bad, the site has some hilarious and unsettling captions that will likely change your mind.

8. Retro cuisine revived at Mid-century menu

Recipes from your grandmother’s 1952 Betty Crocker edition are just tragic, aren’t they? So much canned food. So much pulverized tuna shaped into mussels. A complete abuse of pineapple rings and toothpicks. It wasn’t their fault, of course. They didn’t even have anything close to the variation of the food we have. They had to prepare whatever practical canned in their pantry. Mid-century menu, however, poses the theory that all of these archaic recipes don’t have to be dreadful. Some will (hello Cold Aspic Glazed Lamb Loaf) absolutely. But Ruth Clark actually makes first (and makes her poor husband taste them), so we can find out which casseroles and pies have stood the test of time.