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8 Regional Indian Food Blogs By Moms You Must Follow For Kid-Friendly Recipe Ideas

Experts believe that one of the best ways to develop your child’s taste buds is to feed them a wide variety of foods right from the start. Today, baby food is no longer limited to fruit pulp and cereal porridge and has become Instagram-friendly platters that are as colorful as they are healthy. These food blogging moms choose the best of their regional Indian cuisine, along with several international ideas, and feature kid-friendly recipes.

Mom bang cookbook

In order to pass on everything she learned from her mother, her mother-in-law, mashis-pishis, kakimas-jethimas to her two daughters, Sandeepa Datta Mukherjee launched a Bengali food blog which translated by an epic cookbook titled Bong Mom’s Cookbook in 2013. On this mom’s blog, you’ll find lunchbox ideas like kheema quesadillas, curried eggs and other ideas that will help you incorporate different food groups into your child’s diet. . It offers a wide range of classic Bengali recipes like Bengali fried fish, charchari: a mix of vegetables and sweets like sandesh or orange kheer, also known as kamla lebur kheer, which is perfect for a table setting. dinner on weekdays. The blog is steeped in tradition, but every now and then it will bring you recipes like savory puff tarts, banana bread with orange zest, and more.

Sindhi Rasoi

One of the most underrated Indian cuisines, Sindhi food is spectacular and needs to be mentioned more often. Alka Keswani has been running a food blog since 2008 and delves into traditional recipes ranging from basic sindhi curry and aloo tuk to nuanced recipes like kuneh ja bhee (steamed lotus stalk) and awran jo murabo (canned currant), whatever is suitable for a growing meal plan for adults. She has a special kids’ corner on her blog where this mom of one shares recipes that will win over the pickiest of eaters. These feature dal sandwiches, tuk chaat, kulfi, etc. Since Sindhi food is not too high in dairy, some of these ideas are also suitable for those on a vegan diet.

Mom under pressure

If you are a busy Indian mom, this is the one for you. Michele Narsinghani is a clinical pharmacist and mother of a four year old child. She is based in Chicago and her approach to Indian cuisine is regional and traditional, but modern and cool. Take for example the hariyali pesto paneer pizza, the vegan eggplant kofta, the keema-stuffed naans she blogs about. Her name is Mom Under Pressure due to the fact that her busy schedule leaves her little time to waste, but she insists her family eat beautiful, glamorous and delicious meals. Besides Indian cuisine, you will also find cakes, pastries, wraps and pies on his blog.

The curry mom

Mommy Curry is based in the Bay Area, California, but has a strong Indian flair. She is a mother of two daughters and uses her blog to help other mothers with not only kid friendly recipes, but baby skin care tips too! On his blog, you will find tips such as how to keep kothmir fresh to recipes for dishes like sooji seera, gujarati khichdi, khaman surti and hold your breath… an avocado roti! This is what happens when you live in the land of Hass avocados, California.

Easy mom’s life

From quirky breakfast ideas for your little one to bento boxes that can make you satisfy your kid’s lunchtime tantrums, this blog has a lot to offer if your kids are very young. Here you will find ways to incorporate Indian superfoods like ragi, millets, almonds into your child’s diet with ideas like porridge, dosas, ladoos, etc. At the same time, there are also food tips like fighting the flu with soup or foods to wean children or breastfeeding mothers.

Saee Khandekar

Khandekar has been running a successful food blog since 2008. In India, she is one of the most renowned food bloggers and is the last word on Marathi cuisine due to her extensive knowledge of the region and its food. She has written several cookbooks, including Pangat, a feast: food and traditions of Marathi cuisines and is a mom of three, which makes many of her recipes naturally kid-friendly. Take for example bhadang bhel, baked karanji, coconut bhaat, patole, and mango sasav, those that can help you build your skills on traditional Maharashtrian cuisine and keep the happy child.

Master Chef Mom

Led by Uma Raghuraman, this mother of two has over 1.5 million fans and over 100 lunchbox ideas! Save it for after the virtual school world. From vegan recipes to ones that primarily focus on advocating for South Indian cuisine, she serves not only rasams, but several varieties (orange peel rasam!), Different types of kuzhambu , chutneys and dosa recipes. She also teaches her readers how to cook on a diet, for example if your child prefers a vegan or gluten-free diet, Raghuraman has you covered.

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