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What are nature-based solutions? | Magazine articles

greater good “Nature-based solutions are often seen as simply being a matter of mitigation or climate offsetting,” says Lucas Black, WWF’s vice president for climate finance. “But for us, it’s about a lasting relationship with a landscape or seascape that meets the funding needs in full and creates multiple benefits for people. Climate change mitigation […]

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The Benefits of Responsible Fire Management | Magazine articles

While natural fires can be a boon to forest ecosystems, nearly nine out of 10 destructive wildfires nationwide are caused by humans through unattended campfires, hot ashes, cigarettes and fires. fireworks. A single ember can travel miles from the original ignition site and cause a fire that spreads through forests and cities, sometimes spanning hundreds […]

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A new vision of food | Magazine articles

Around the world, we work with communities and food producers who value their relationship to the lands and waters where they live and their right to manage them. To support them in finding and implementing solutions, we must connect local conditions to global forces and build bridges between civil society, government and the private sector […]

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Acne misinformation is prevalent on social media and health blogs

A new survey of acne vulgaris misinformation has identified key themes including diet and other acne ’causes’, unconventional ‘cures’ and distrust of conventional treatments for acne. acne. Investigators have suggested that dermatologists should be aware of the distress caused by acne as well as the surplus of misinformation about the condition to prepare to combat […]