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Payday loan alternatives are becoming more widely available

[ad_1] In perhaps the most unprecedented change, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, designed to provide financial relief during the pandemic, included $3 billion specifically for the CDFI Fund, which provides financial assistance to CDFIs and minority depository institutions (MDIs). That amount is nearly equal to what the fund has received in total since its […]

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5 best and best internet food blogs to follow

[ad_1] Cooking is a very important life skill to have. There is no shortage of delicious and interesting recipes, and the Internet is a great place to find them. Food blogs are increasingly popular for those interested in cooking and looking for inspiration for their own dishes. These 5 food blogs are the best on […]

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Bankrupt celebrity businesses, from Kardashian Kard to Au Fudge

[ad_1] I’m sorry, but there’s something very funny about having a celebrity side absolutely die in the ass. I don’t feel bad about bankrupt celebrity businesses because they’re busy and famous anyway, so it’s not like they’re going to have a hard time getting food on the table. Eat the rich, baby! I recently came […]