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ADDitude magazine articles without images: PDF full text

Do you prefer ADDitude articles without distractions? Want to read our slideshows on one page? Find out how to display our content without images, page breaks, or sidebar links. 1. First step: click or tap on the “Print” icon under the article title and teaser Click the Print icon that appears at the top of […]

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The 9 Best Food Bloggers in Ahmedabad

Here is the list of the best food bloggers in Ahmedabad. This list doesn’t stop at restaurants and street eateries in Ahmedabad, it also covers some authentic food blogs. It’s also worth mentioning that most of these food bloggers don’t stop at web blogs but are also very active on social microblogging sites like Facebook, […]

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13 celebrities who started their own lifestyle blog – SheKnows

There are plenty of websites to follow these days, depending on what you like. Beauty? Health? Fashion? Way of life? Websites that post on these topics are very common, and you are more than likely to visit multiple sites per day just to get all the information you need on a specific topic. But what […]